Data Physicalisation Lab

Data Physicalisation


Registration deadline: 24th March

This year Goethe-Institut (German Cultural Institute operating all over the world) has worked with Sensorium in order to create an opportunity for exploring and experimenting with new techniques for communicating digital data and content in physical space. With this purpose in mind we have set up Sensorium Lab and invited the masters of data storytelling - Domestic Data Streamers to facilitate the process.

Invited to join the Lab are all creative practitioners in the fields of graphic, design, architecture, art, media, theater and technology. We are looking to bring together a rich international multidisciplinary group who would get together for a day to brainstorm, workshop, research and design with the guidance of the guest facilitators.

The Goethe-Institut bears for all expenses of the participants of the workshop (travel, 3 nights hostel, lab fee, fee for conference ).

The base and input for the Lab activities will be current practical challenges that all libraries face with their digital content: How to present it? How to make people more aware of it? How to communicate the specific value of it to each individual visitor?

Today data is shaping our surroundings. But although we’re being constantly overwhelmed with information, we’re experiencing a huge lack of empathy and what’s worse, a lack of action. That’s why we schroll every time and everywhere.

During the workshop we’ll explore new data languages to create meaningful connections between information and people. We’ll work with data as the magic ingredient capable of making people laugh, think and feel. As we need people to feel before asking them to act.

While using new techniques of physical data visualising and storytelling you will learn about the basis of data visualization, fast prototyping data viz tools and strategic thinking.

The Lab will take place on the 28th of April from 9.30 to 18.00 at the Goethe-Institut in Bratislava, Panenska 33 and is limited to 12 applicants.

Apply by filling in this form before 24th March. Any questions can be asked to

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